Artistic Rejuvenation?

For the last month I have been working nonstop. Last month I did a pretty big book signing (though it never really feels like work I had to put in quite a few hours in planning) and I been putting in a ton of overtime at my 9-5 so it has been an exhausting few months for me. However, since I have been working on a part 2 to Passion & Turmoil (available on Amazon, Kindle, and I really need and artistic boost of energy. I have been doing so much that I don’t feel like my brain ever stops for a nap, so since its so awake and active I need to rejuvenate it with some art, love, and sensuality and my go to place was what I really expected.
So I took a day trip to the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia), where is my go to when I just have a few hours to escape. I started my day early enough to spend some time in the park, take a stroll around Center City and do a little people watching. I even made a few pit stops on Chestnut St. to do a little shopping. Though a few new items play with always thrill me, it still was not helping my case. Off to the park I went, first I went to Love Park to see if I could glimpse a few couples strolling through or see any artist outside playing and their was the usual tourist taking pictures, skateboarders, and a few locals just hanging around. No groups mixing each one separated into their own corner. It was kind of sad there such a dryness in many of the individuals especially the locals and it was heartbreaking. Even the fountain was turned off and drained. There was such an obvious difference between the two groups while the tourists where happy to take pictures the love statue the locals seemed to be barely existing. The atmosphere was very thick and heavy, which is a huge example to so many things that are going on and so many changes that needs to be made, then my mind started spinning, working, and wondering. Then I remembered what this trip was for, though it gave me so much to write about it just not what I was look for today.
So went across the street and outside of The Sip with a Love Park Lemonade and watched two toddler boys play in the shooting water, laughing, splashing, and running. And there it was, innocence! Carefree innocence, the stuff your not allowed to have as an adult, that’s why its such a precious gift for a child something the must have an opportunity to have. For some reason, at that thought I relaxed then and calmed for a bit and allowed myself time to just be in the moment. Which is sometimes hard for me. I am glad that I took the time to take a break from everyone and everything. However, though I didn’t come back home with a new spring in my step or a super amazing love poem I did see a lot to write about.

See you Soon,

Lou Hargrove

photo by: Yolanda Hargrove

Hair & Beauty

My New Natural Hair Journey and visit to the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show

A little over a month ago I decided to go full on everyday natural. Now for the last few months I have been wearing my hair out at least once a week on my days off, but for the rest of the week I was still very much wearing wigs, turban hair wraps and/or protective styles. I needed a little help making the transition slowly, I stopped relaxing my hair 2 years ago and big chopped in October I still wasn’t ready. The idea of wearing on a regular basis made me feel naked and vulnerable, the process of showing my kinks to to the world was actually traumatizing. I know it’s sad but I had been either relaxed or weaved up for the last 25yrs. However, I pushed through and now I’m starting to become very comfortable wearing my twa. Still I have to admit it’s different experience, while I have gotten some great feedback I have also gotten a lot of raised eyebrows like I had lost my mind. Which made me realize I have to come up with styles that I’m comfortable with to keep this thing going. So in the search of other options I recently went to the natural hair show in Philly, and upon arrival it was such a beautiful thing to see do many different types if women rocking their natural hair with so much love and confidence. It just simply amazed me, though I didn’t get a whole lot of different style ideas I did get a lot of information about how to properly use the products that I already have. In the end I am aware that this is truly a journey, I will have my good days and my bad sooooo let’s see what the summer has in store.

Until Next Time,

Lou Hargove