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Magical Women

Believe it or not this is a wonderful time to be a Black Woman. Now there are times when it won’t feel like it and honestly it should always be a wonderful time to be yourself, but there has been some beauty in the horizons. Starting with the Emmys Viola Davis’ amazing speech last week made it very clear that we are doing some amazing things in areas Black Women were never taken seriously. We may not be doing everything that we wish we were or have climbed to the top of the game as we would like to but we definitely are making some major moves and have started to be recognized for our achievements. This demonstrates one very important thing- Our voice is starting to be noticed.

As black women our voices have been smothered, silenced, and even beaten out of us. Remember when Celie decided to leave Albert in Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”- ” Who you think you is? You can curse nobody. Look at you. Your black, you’re poor, you’re ugly, you’re a woman, you’re nothing at all!”  As I’ve gotten older I realized how much emphasis he put in that statement and that her being a woman was the worst on that list and her blackness was the first of her nothingness. How many times have any of us experienced this type of labeling just because we are black women? We see it in the media, in the workplace, even in our families and intimate relationships. We have even seen it amongst other women. But the beauty in this scene in the movie was no matter what Albert said to Celie he couldn’t undo her realization that she too was a magical woman she no longer stayed stuck in the box that others had put her in her entire life. Like Celie many of us get boxed in we are just little girls.

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Black Girl: Linguistic Play by Camille A. Brown and Dancers at the Joyce Theater in New York City that focused on just that us being girls. The show celebrated the magical power of being a being a black girl from the games we play, the bonds we make, through our discovery of self with the rhythms and gestures of childhood. It was a wonderful demonstration how we grow, play, and evolve into something bold and unstoppable with our voices only growing louder and more powerful where we can longer be ignored.

Hair & Beauty


Ok, I am hiting a milestone birthday tomorrow and I am really feeling the need to work on my sexy. I am usually one of those women that is aways looking to an opportunity to tap into my inner sexy, but lately I have been feeling like I have been tapping an empty jar. Between work, obligations, and the freaking out about getting older I mentioned in my other posts (among other things I’ll discuss another day) I have been feeling anything but sexy lately. I feel like I must do something bold and exciting to bring me back to my sensual center.  Sooo I was thinking about getting a brazilian wax for my b’day, my own personal sexy secret gift to myself. I’venever did it before and it is something that I’ve always had on my bucket list. Now I am true believer in proper grooming from head to toe and all those lil’ fuzzy things inbetween, but I always thought of that as a different type of bare. I must admit that I have always thought about waxing as a silky smoothness that couldn’t be accommplished with a razor or even Nair. I did a little research some indirect questioning to see how other women felt about it and most thought I had lost my mind for even bringing it let along considering it and don’tfor get the other portion of women that don’t want to discuss that region of the body (which is a whole other discussion).  Even as I consider myself more of an open minded individual I really am not comfortable lying on a table with my leg in the air and its not a medical professional. Though if I do decide to I will be going to a luxury spa to get it done, because this may just be one of once in a life time events. Hey if all goes well I well I just let my little sexy secret out and do a full review of my experience. No pictures of course.

Happy Humpday,

Lou Hargrove