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My New Natural Hair Journey and visit to the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show

A little over a month ago I decided to go full on everyday natural. Now for the last few months I have been wearing my hair out at least once a week on my days off, but for the rest of the week I was still very much wearing wigs, turban hair wraps and/or protective styles. I needed a little help making the transition slowly, I stopped relaxing my hair 2 years ago and big chopped in October I still wasn’t ready. The idea of wearing on a regular basis made me feel naked and vulnerable, the process of showing my kinks to to the world was actually traumatizing. I know it’s sad but I had been either relaxed or weaved up for the last 25yrs. However, I pushed through and now I’m starting to become very comfortable wearing my twa. Still I have to admit it’s different experience, while I have gotten some great feedback I have also gotten a lot of raised eyebrows like I had lost my mind. Which made me realize I have to come up with styles that I’m comfortable with to keep this thing going. So in the search of other options I recently went to the natural hair show in Philly, and upon arrival it was such a beautiful thing to see do many different types if women rocking their natural hair with so much love and confidence. It just simply amazed me, though I didn’t get a whole lot of different style ideas I did get a lot of information about how to properly use the products that I already have. In the end I am aware that this is truly a journey, I will have my good days and my bad sooooo let’s see what the summer has in store.

Until Next Time,

Lou Hargove