Artistic Rejuvenation?

For the last month I have been working nonstop. Last month I did a pretty big book signing (though it never really feels like work I had to put in quite a few hours in planning) and I been putting in a ton of overtime at my 9-5 so it has been an exhausting few months for me. However, since I have been working on a part 2 to Passion & Turmoil (available on Amazon, Kindle, and I really need and artistic boost of energy. I have been doing so much that I don’t feel like my brain ever stops for a nap, so since its so awake and active I need to rejuvenate it with some art, love, and sensuality and my go to place was what I really expected.
So I took a day trip to the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia), where is my go to when I just have a few hours to escape. I started my day early enough to spend some time in the park, take a stroll around Center City and do a little people watching. I even made a few pit stops on Chestnut St. to do a little shopping. Though a few new items play with always thrill me, it still was not helping my case. Off to the park I went, first I went to Love Park to see if I could glimpse a few couples strolling through or see any artist outside playing and their was the usual tourist taking pictures, skateboarders, and a few locals just hanging around. No groups mixing each one separated into their own corner. It was kind of sad there such a dryness in many of the individuals especially the locals and it was heartbreaking. Even the fountain was turned off and drained. There was such an obvious difference between the two groups while the tourists where happy to take pictures the love statue the locals seemed to be barely existing. The atmosphere was very thick and heavy, which is a huge example to so many things that are going on and so many changes that needs to be made, then my mind started spinning, working, and wondering. Then I remembered what this trip was for, though it gave me so much to write about it just not what I was look for today.
So went across the street and outside of The Sip with a Love Park Lemonade and watched two toddler boys play in the shooting water, laughing, splashing, and running. And there it was, innocence! Carefree innocence, the stuff your not allowed to have as an adult, that’s why its such a precious gift for a child something the must have an opportunity to have. For some reason, at that thought I relaxed then and calmed for a bit and allowed myself time to just be in the moment. Which is sometimes hard for me. I am glad that I took the time to take a break from everyone and everything. However, though I didn’t come back home with a new spring in my step or a super amazing love poem I did see a lot to write about.

See you Soon,

Lou Hargrove

photo by: Yolanda Hargrove


Think Thursday: Finding Yourself inside Your Passion

I found this quote last night on Instagram and it was perfect for a thought Thursday post. Over the last few years I have really been noticing some changes in myself as I have been working more on my writing and appreciating other expressions of art in a deeper way. I have also even been hitting the stage and participating in a few small community productions. I must admit that the last few years have been an amazing exploration of myself as an individual as I continued to immerse myself into art. I have learned more about my strengths, weaknesses, and my talents, learning about what drives me and more about the things in life that ignite my creativity and my writing. By being able to find myself through art I have noticed some of my worse heartbreaks has forced me to write some of my most amazing poems, and help me develop characters on stage. There is often passion where there is pain, because the two are so closely related to our emotions and our thought process. This is not just for artist but for any individual that is focused on pursuing their passion.

Lou Hargrove


fashion & style

Justifying My Bull


Justifying My Bullshit?

A woman can never have too many clothes, handbags, or shoes.

Please don’t judge
This is not a compulsion or a misuse

It is about the love of it all
The elements of styles

Fashion is fun, the colors, and shapes
How my shape looks in those colors

The sexiness felt in a great pair of shoes and sliding into the perfect pair of jeans
like slipping on a little masterpiece

I’m just appreciating art in personal form
A woman enjoying her right

An artist decorating an easel
A writer scribbling on a page
Is it items of my choosing that need to be justified?

Would you see it differently if it was
palettes instead of handbags
Paint instead of clothes
Pens instead of shoes

If I were collecting books or paintings there would be no need for this justification no judgement
I’d be considered as a connoisseur of the arts

Now that’s the bullshit
Not me
Nor my little habits

Fashion is a unappreciated form a creative self expression
A nonverbal communication

Just to inform you
I’m not a shopaholic
I just have a lot of creative self expressive things to say

So like I said before
A woman can never have enough handbags, clothes, or shoes

Lou Hargrove