About Me

I'm Lou Hargrove owner of Red Butterfly Publishing and Red Butterfly Chronicles. I am a writer, designer, and a single woman that makes and intentional effort give myself love and some form of self-care on a regular basis. It has been through my experiences by studying couples and family therapy, in my work in social services, interacting with girlfriends, watching family members, and working with other women performing on stage I really began to understand more about us as women. I was able to recognize that while the majority of us crave love we often don't to be vulnerable enough to admit it. I also saw that while almost of us crave for someone to love us we were also looking for that love to fill our own "self-love decifit.  This caused me to be driven to help other women to love and value their own unique beauty inside and out. I believe that once we discover that we are all created by a "Divine Design" we can open ourselves up to a world of unlimited possibilities. I want women to experience true love and passion in every aspect of their lives, especially that deep undeniable love that we all crave.