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One of the things that I have realized in life is the older we get the less we like change. However, change is imminent. No matter what we try to do to avoid it and no matter how scary it gets, it is unavoidable. Change has to take place in order for us to grow. No one is able to extend to the highest version of themselves without consistent change and it happens often. There has been multiple times on my journey as a creative business owner where I have changed my mind often as I learned new things and had different ideas that I have been afraid of making a decision on because I didn't want to appear as undecisive as a business owner so I would put things of hold until I figured things out completely. I was afraid of people not taking my brand seriously. But truth is I will never figure out everything completely and that's part of the beauty of life and the beauty of having a creative business. One day I realized that life was too short to try hold on to things for the perfect moment or the perfect opportunity because it may never come. I had to change willing to change things when I saw fit not when I felt as though others would be more comfortable about what I did to change my business and how I had to do what was authentic to me.

So if you have be have been afraid to change something you are doing because you are afraid of how you will be viewed. Take a brief moment to look in the mirror to see how would you feel about yourself if you don't do it. How we look at ourselves is far more important than how anyone else views you. Be kind to yourself as change as often as necessary...

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