Halloween Short Story

While I am still working on changing platforms I have been working on a few new things. This is a short I wrote for Halloween just to get into the groove of writing stories again. I hope you enjoy. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


Date Night

The night was particularly quiet. The fall sky was clear and the breeze was crisp. Each star in the constellation appeared to sparkle as they danced around the bright harvest moon. Nyanda sat curled up in her favorite chair sipping a glass of Shiraz, listening to jazz, staring into the moon waiting for her date to arrive. She met Aaron in the spring and was absolutely in love with his charm, deep voice, soft copper dreads, and green eyes. The sight of him was so intoxicating to her she could almost taste is the scent.

This was the first time Nyanda had ever invited Aaron over to her home and there was a nervous excitement stirring within her.  As she was consumed by the thought of having him for dinner she heard the charm of her doorbell. Nyanda stood, as she was about to open the door she stopped to look at herself in the mirror next to the front door.  Her oversized gray sweatshirt fell slightly off of her right shoulder and her black tights clung to her curvy body like a second skin. She smiled at how her coffee complexion and curly afro looked in the mirror. When she opened the door the sight of Aaron’s smooth honey skin and million dollar smile almost made her melt. He stood silently outside of the door in awe of Nyanda’s radiance when she whispered softly “Come in handsome.”

Aaron entered Nyanda’s apartment and couldn’t believe how much effort she put into the evening. The table was set with roses cascading from one end to the other, candles burning in tall crystal pillars, long-stemmed wine glasses, a chilled bottle of wine and the smell of the steak she had prepared wafted through the room. Aaron smiled admiring all the work this beautiful woman had put into making this night special. There was something about her, something so different about her. He had never met a woman like this in his life. There was something so sexy and mysterious about this new woman in his life. This woman that had sudden become his world. She seemed almost perfect in every way but still he felt like he knew so little about her.

Nyanda walked into the kitchen to get the meal she had delicately prepared, broiled prime rib, baby red potatoes, and steamed asparagus.  She slowly reached under the cabinet to get her serving platter bending over slowing just in case Aaron was looking at her move around her kitchen.  This man mesmerized her and she wanted him in with her every moment from now into eternity. For a moment she paused and wondered if Aaron felt the same about her.  As Nyanda turned to walk out of the kitchen she noticed him leaning on the door at the entrance of the kitchen watching her. His eyes scanning each part of her body and finally landing eye to eye with the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. He wanted her in ways she could never imagine. He was drawn to her like he had never been attracted to anyone before.  The heat from his stare caused her to blush, made her forget what it was exactly she was doing. For a second time seemed to stop for both of them.

Aaron started to chuckle, smiling Nyanda handed him the tray with his food. “Where’s yours?” Aaron asked waiting for Nyanda to grab another dish.

“I’m not hungry but I wanted to make sure I had something nourishing for you,” Nyanda moved by Aaron walking back to the dining table with him walking behind her.

“You went through all of this trouble for me?”

“Yes. I wanted to be sure you weren’t hungry.”

“I’m sorry. Food is not what I’m hungry for tonight.”

Nyanda walked over to the table and poured Aaron a glass of wine and lead him to the couch. They both stood staring at the moon thinking how perfect the night was to share their life and desires with the other. The two were unusually quiet tonight. Most of their time together was usually spent talking for hours sometimes lasting almost until the sun came up.  Aaron spoke first, “I know we haven’t known each other long but I want to share my life and my world with you.”

This was exactly what Nyanda wanted to here. She leaned over and kissed him lightly tasting the sweetness of wine on his lips.

Looking at his face and attempting to read his thoughts, she didn’t know if this was even a good idea even. What if he said no to want to spend forever with her the way she needed him to? What if he thought she was crazy when she told him exactly what she needed from him? She thought to herself perhaps this just wasn’t going to be a conversation at all. She was going to show this man exactly who and what she was and hope he was willing to accept it.  Aaron’s smile staring back at her was a bit mischievous as he had his own needs for her and he too felt like there was no discussion needed. Their eyes seemed to equally surrender to the needs and desires of the other. Somehow, Aaron knew that she wanted the kind of forever he needed to have.  He just didn’t understand how he knew. Was this woman really going to be ready to give up everything to be with him? All he really knew was he could not spend one more day without her by his side.

Aaron’s mind wandered about a future with Nyanda.  He was hoping she would enjoy as much as he enjoyed just the idea of forever with her, he felt her kissing and sucking on his neck. There was a coolness from her breath that hypnotized him for a moment and his yearning for her became guttural and he couldn’t hold back anymore. At that moment, as her kisses became more intense and his hunger uncontrollable Aaron tilted his head back, opened his mouth, and allowed his fangs to drop for the first time in Nyanda’s presence. She was completely immersed in the way he curiously tasted and supernaturally responded to her kisses, she was completely unaware of the fangs that were inches from her own neck.  Aaron then let out a deep groan from the mix of pleasure and pain which prompted Nyanda to lose all sense of control and allow her own fang to drop and burrow deep into Aaron’s neck. She felt the blood to trickle onto her tongue and drip down her chin. She paused when she Aaron jumped slightly, chuckled, and pull her closer into his neck. Nyanda lifted her head blood dripping from her fangs to look at him for reassurance. She wanted him to see her for exactly who she was. Once she lifted her head Aaron’s chuckle began to grow to a low roar of laughter. Suddenly Aaron grabbed her face in his hands and turned it to his to see his own fangs and glowing green eyes. She laughed a little shocked and relieved, wondering how she didn’t realize Aaron was also a vampire. She thought how was she to know she had never dated another vamp before and the difference between humans and vampires wasn’t as obvious as legends have led to believe. However, he never questioned the fact that they only communicated after dark or why they never shared a meal. She should have known but, none of it mattered now.

Though Aaron was unaware Nyanda was also a vampire he knew that she was his destiny. Her being vamp answered the question of her mystery. Now there were no questions or doubts this love was for infinity. With a smile still on his face and more in love than ever he leaned over gently and kissed his blood from her lips.


Lou W. Hargrove


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