Bringing sexy back

Last week I made a post and I mentioned getting my swag back. For some reason I didn’t take into consideration that I was self-publishing and actually had to go out and promote. I had gotten so comfortable in my tights and sweats now that tax season is over, it took me off guard when it was time to reach into my bag of tricks and bring it together for press, promotional pictures, open mic events, and interviews. I actually had that moment of “I don’t feel like it”. It had been awhile since I had gotten dressed to go anywhere other than work or rehearsal, and with working and trying to finish the book it was just way too much to do more than shower and jump into some clothes to go about my day. However, once I started spending more than 10 minutes in the mirror I remembered how nice it was to actually take the time to slip into something pretty and sexy. Taking that few extra minutes in the mirror does a lot to add a little boost to my confidence as a woman. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t necessarily feeling a lack of confidence, to be honest I had been working so much over the last year or so feeling feminine and sexy just was no longer a priority. There was so much on my plate that I ignored myself as a sacrifice to get things done. I was surviving on 2-hrs of sleep a day and as much as I needed make up to hide the bags under my eyes I just didn’t have time, not to mention trying to maintain my natural hair I wore a turban or a bun any chance I could just to make sure I would be out the door as fast as possible. (Isn’t amazing what part of ourselves we give up to make ends meet.)

Thankfully those time are not behind me and while I am still in the midst of an extremely busy schedule I am also forced to look at myself twice in the mirror, especially now that I have to be conscious of my brand and I want to be seen. Now I know it’s nothing wrong with being lacks at times but now when it doesn’t feel natural and most times I was too tired and worn out to feel feminine or sexy. But today is new day and I know that it is never too late to create change and why not start in the spring where everything is fresh new and beautiful. So I will be keeping in touch with a few new purchases, hair, nails and even an occasional OOTD or OOTF. I can’t wait to see how my own progress will move into the summer months.

See you Soon,

Lou Hargrove


Updates, Thoughts, and What’s to come…

I just wanted to stop in and let you know what’s been going on and what’s been coming up. Over the last month I have been making a lot of changes. If you read my last post or follow me on social media you already know that I just published my first book of poetry titled Passion & Turmoil (available on Amazon and Kindle). The book shares a journey of passion, lust, love, and vulnerability. Lately I have been promoting interviewing and marketing this and I have also been working on a few other projects that I will be announcing soon. In the meantime I have also been thinking about different ways to enhance my presence here on Word Press and social media. So you will be seeing a lot more of me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr. Please stay connecting because it will definitely get interesting.

On a more personal note! Writing this book have meant a lot of changes, I must admit that I am not the same woman that I was walking into this project. I have learned more about love, myself, and about my talents as a poet/writer. I will discuss this more later in a separate blog post but it has given me a great deal of motivation for the ideas that I listed earlier. I admit that it is a very wonderful filling when you realize what you are really here for and how all of the questions in your heart and mind have been there for a reason so I will be sharing a lot of that here on this blog.

Also I have realized that I have gotten a lot lazier over the last few years when it comes to my appearance. I have been working so much that I was just going with the flow of things, however now that I am doing different promotional events and working to brand my business I am going to have to step things back up a notch, so please stop by redbuttaflydiva.com for info on my little shopping sprees and beauty finds. You can watch me get my swag back. Also email me at redbutterflypublishing@gmail.com with any blog ideas you would like to read.

See you soon,

Lou Hargrove