Monday Motivation: Stopping Disappearing Acts

Here I go again with another busy winter/ tax season. I have recently realized that I have not posted on either one of my blogs but maybe once this year. Though I must admit I have been a little too busy over the last few months I have been extremely productive. Other than just being super busy with work I have have been productive with business as well. I am finally releasing my first book of poetry next month titled Passion and Turmoil which will be available on Amazon.com and Kindle and I am really excited about it. I am also doing another play of For Colored Girls this weekend, which I am anticipating will be a great show. So even though I am really exhausted lately I feel as though it is well worth the energy. However, I am still trying to find a balance in life.

Each year I have a really bad habit of pulling these disappearing acts and don’t usually resurface until May. Though I do believe that hard work pays off as I have said before balance in life is extremely important. As I have said before I have learned this lesson the hard way. Over the last year I have really realized how much my disappearing acts have affected my personal well being as well as my personal relationships. When I am tired or overwhelmed I have a really bad habit of becoming extremely cranky, high strung, and overly emotional which ends up making me withdraw from people.

Reality has set in and I realized how bad that is for not current relationships but also for building new ones. Life is about being full and open to all that life has to offer and this cannot be done if we are so caught up in our busyness that we are not able to enjoy life’s experiences. This even goes back to taking time for yourself, everyone needs to have some joy in their lives. Stop to take the time to have dinner with girlfriends or spend an evening in with your family or significant other. Taking┬áthe time to surround yourself with positive people will actually increase your energy and help you function, but make sure that this does not include those that drain you or add a whole other set of things to your to do list. For those types of individuals a disappearing act is usually a good thing. In taking care of yourself you must also set boundaries but that another post for a different time. In the meanwhile remember success is important but is so much better having people around to share with.

Lou Hargrove