Think Thursday: Finding Yourself inside Your Passion

I found this quote last night on Instagram and it was perfect for a thought Thursday post. Over the last few years I have really been noticing some changes in myself as I have been working more on my writing and appreciating other expressions of art in a deeper way. I have also even been hitting the stage and participating in a few small community productions. I must admit that the last few years have been an amazing exploration of myself as an individual as I continued to immerse myself into art. I have learned more about my strengths, weaknesses, and my talents, learning about what drives me and more about the things in life that ignite my creativity and my writing. By being able to find myself through art I have noticed some of my worse heartbreaks has forced me to write some of my most amazing poems, and help me develop characters on stage. There is often passion where there is pain, because the two are so closely related to our emotions and our thought process. This is not just for artist but for any individual that is focused on pursuing their passion.

Lou Hargrove



Moment of Thought: The Revolution Has Been Televised

In the wake of Ferguson I want to share this poem that I recently wrote:


In the darkness of injustice
Candles burning shown in the reflection of angry eyes
Marching over broken glass
No longer tolerating disrespect
Covered in disregard of life of humanity
The discovery of truth
The journey ignites passion
Flames erupt from the heart and spread over to thousands
The discovery of love
Colored in hope
Synchronized by faith
Men, women, children
Strong vibrant embedded in principal
Awaiting change
From sunrise to sunset until the sun rises again
Void of reluctance
Sacrificial warriors
Moving toward prosperity
Challenging systems
Climbing mountains
Falling backwards
Holding on
Carrying stories
Their meanings being redefined
As the torch passes
No longer victims of circumstance
But renegades of oppression
No longer turning the other cheek
Through the heat of the night
For the dawn of justice

Lou Hargrove